Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know many of you as I’ve served the residents of House District 9. I am so humbled by the support I have received over the last two years, and I have worked hard to represent our community with integrity at the Utah State Capitol.

We have so much work to do to preserve our quality of life, bring high paying jobs to Northern Utah, and improve our education system. I am eager to continue working to give Northern Utah a voice and preserve what makes Northern Utah the best place to raise our families.

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My wife, Dawnell, and I moved to the district over 30 years ago following my military service for Desert Storm. We both count ourselves lucky to call this beautiful place home and love raising our family here. We have lived not only in Ogden, but Roy and now West Haven.

Building a prosperous future for my family and our community was at the heart of my decision to run for the state legislature in 2018 and remains my driving motivation as I continue to serve you. I was raised in the small town of Monticello, Utah, and count myself lucky to be the son of a diesel mechanic and school cafeteria cook who taught me the value of an honest day’s work.

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While there are so many issues that impact our families and state, as your representative my priorities center around economic growth for our district, quality education for our children, and citizen engagement in the political process. 
If you have an important issue that you’d like to discuss with me, please call or email me.

For the first time in 40 years, there are more Utah families in need of a home than there are homes available. Our state’s growth is fantastic in so many ways: our state’s economy has boomed, we’ve added more high paying jobs to our communities, and we’ve been able to increase education funding every year. But our incomes cannot keep up with the rising costs of homes, even in Northern Utah. If we don’t improve our housing market, the typical Utah family will spend nearly 50% of their income on housing. Which means there’s less money to save for retirement, college, car repairs, or after school activities for their kids.

When Utah families can’t find a home to buy, they miss out on the long-term economic benefits of home ownership. Owning a home has always been part of the American Dream because it improves economic stability for families and their communities, decreases crime, and improves education outcomes for children. Homeownership is the key to financial stability, for our families and the state.

As your legislator, I am committed to supporting policy that will improve affordable housing for Utahns. You can count on me to champion your right to home ownership through conservative policies that keep taxes around home ownership low and protect private property rights.

The government shouldn’t stand in the way of your family’s long-term economic success, and as your legislator I will protect the American Dream across our district and the state.


All four of my children have participated in Utah’s public education system, and I am grateful for the many dedicated teachers that contributed to their success. My appreciation has only grown as I have watched my children’s teachers tackle the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve asked them to do so much, and they’ve more than risen to the occasion.

It is the responsibility of the Legislature to work smarter on public education funding, and I am proud of our recent efforts. We’ve increase public education funding even in an economic downturn – an accomplishment few other states can boast. Utah’s fiscally conservative policies have allowed our current representatives to protect education funding through the rainy-day fund, and we’ve secured federal funding from the CARES Act to provide support for online learning. These efforts protect teachers’ salaries during an uncertain time and better prepare us for rapid economic recovery.

As your legislator, I will continue to put your children and their teachers first at the Legislature. It’s imperative that we continue to be innovative in our education funding and curriculum, increase local control, and continue to promote parental involvement.


One of the greatest benefits to having a citizen legislature is the vast expertise we can draw from to form good, representative policy. But beyond good policy, I believe a citizen legislature keeps government close to the people it serves. Rather than career politicians, our Legislature is made up of everyday Utahns. The House of Representatives consists of teachers, engineers, lawyers, and farmers to name just a few, and I am grateful to serve alongside them.

As your representative for the last two years, I have worked to be accessible to the residents of House District 9 and have not shied away from frank conversations. This is a standard I will continue to uphold as we face the challenges ahead.


Over the last decade, our state has experienced significant economic growth, but much of this growth has been concentrated along the Wasatch Front. I want to make sure our community and Northern Utah as a whole, receives the attention it deserves.

Growth is inevitable because Utah is an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family. As Utah grows, Northern Utah leaders must encourage the development of high paying and high-tech jobs. The recent addition of aerospace and defense contractor Northrop Grumman’s new facility is a fantastic example of what a company with high paying career jobs can do for our community. Families that choose to call Northern Utah home shouldn’t have to commute to the Wasatch Front to find high paying jobs or be forced to settle for less.

As your legislator, it will be my top priority to look for the right kind of economic development for Northern Utah. I want our children to have the option to stay here and succeed both financially and professionally.


It’s no secret that last year the State Legislature tried to tackle a massive overhaul of our state tax system. The legislation that passed was repealed earlier this year, as a response to voices from the community. Despite the contention around this important topic, I am grateful to live in a country where the people can participate in the legislative process through public forums, committee attendance, and when needed, referendum.

The tax reform overhaul wasn’t perfect, but it did bring an important topic to the forefront of Utahns’ minds. As Utahans spend more money on services and less on goods, I believe we will have to update our state tax system (much like we did to account for lost revenue dollars to online sales). Modernizing our tax structure over time will protect funding for healthcare, roads, and students.

Recently, we’ve had to put together the state budget in the face of an economic downturn, which has forced the Legislature to make hard decisions and do more with less. I believe the lessons learned from that budgeting process and the feedback we received during tax reform will drive the conversation around improving our tax structure and preparing our state for a modern economy.



While our COVID-19 case counts in Weber County have remained low, the financial and economic impacts of the pandemic have hit us hard.

As your representative, I am dedicated to providing constituents with resources, support and tools to help you make it through these difficult times.

Utah’s founders remained steadfast and strong in the face of adversity. When crickets threatened pioneers’ crops, becoming a potentially deadly enemy, our pioneer ancestors emerged more resilient than ever. Together, we will overcome this pandemic and thrive again.

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“I am happy to endorse Calvin Musselman in his campaign for the Utah House of Representatives. Cal is the kind of dedicated leadership our community needs for future growth.”


“I am proud to support Cal Musselman. He is the pragmatic conservative voice Northern Utah needs at the state legislature. Please join me in supporting Cal for House District 9.”


“Cal is the kind of business-friendly representation Northern Utah needs. Calvin will prioritize the needs of our local business owners and encourage economic development for our community.”


“Calvin Musselman is a dedicated father, husband, and local business leader. I am confident, Cal will be a champion of Northern Utah values at the state legislature and put what’s mot important to our families first.”


“I look forward to voting for a fresh, conservative voice in House District 9 this November. I trust Cal to work with our local municipalities and keep government close to home. I hope you will join me in supporting Calvin!”


“Calvin Musselman is exactly the type of leader our cities need at the state legislature. As a former resident of Roy and Ogden, Cal understands the unique challenges each of our communities face.”


“Cal Musselman is a family friend and business associate. I look forward to voting for Calvin knowing he will not only support business-friendly legislation but keep my family’s best interest at heart.”





Effective government begins with you, and I look forward to working with you. You can reach out to me via my cell phone, email or using the form below.

Phone: (801)-941-6188

Email: calmusselman@gmail.com